Love Of My Life - Single

Love Of My Life – Single

A dark and funky rendition of Queen’s famous song, Love of my life, with synth texture. Produced by Michael Tan of Kings X Studio.

War Cry - Album

War Cry – Album

journey from the raw emotion of In My Father’s Hands (moving early listeners to tears) to gospel-tinged soft rock in Flaws and the anthemic, titular War Cry.

In My Father's Hands - Single

In My Father’s Hands – Single

A reflection on a fraught relationship with a father, and inspiration and promise to do better than what was done to you with your own precious child.

Feature 2

Flaws – Single

Flaws is an R&b pop song to uplift people’s soul. Flaws make us human, and while they can bring us down, recognising that they also make us beautiful is what life and love is all about.

Walk Away - Single

Walk Away – Single

A heartfelt ode to a person you believed would be in your life forever and the consuming devastation when they leave without explanation or warning.

War Cry - Single

War Cry – Single

A hard upbringing has hardened him against the many pitfalls his life throws at him. He has an inner strength in his music and voice which he will use to build himself up and tell the world that he’s not going anywhere and he’ll fight for his right to survive.