And I am telling you… I’m not going

Here I am again talking about musical production. I promise you this will be the last, for this year that is.

Support me and the rest of the talented cast members of Dreamgirls, a production by Rockdale Musical Society.

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Dreamgirls is a show about a time in American musical history when rhythm and blues blended with other styles of popular music creating a new American sound.

Based upon the show business aspirations and successes of R&B acts such as The Supremes, The Shirelles, and others, the Broadway musical tells the story of a young female singing trio , that crosses over to the pop charts in the 1960s and become music superstars. As the group becomes increasingly popular they soon realise that life on top is rocky.

The show gives a behind-the-scenes reality to the hard, competitive world of show business. It also deals with a musical contribution to America of such importance that only now — decades later — are we beginning to understand.

I will be playing the emcee role as well as Frank. Production starts from September 8-17, 2017. Book your tickets here.

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