All Together Now AU S01E01 Recap

Well, that hour and 20 minutes was fast.

Quick recap: Dixie Johnstone was amazing. I loved her look last night. Her voice didn’t shine much probably because of song choice, just like what Mark Gable said. I love pure honesty.

Jared Laurie was very entertaining and fun to watch. It’s unfortunate he didn’t get to the finals and hopefully, we’ll see more of him. There is a thing called ‘wildcard’ where 100 of the judges had to choose their preference and he’s my wild card, there you go.

If you missed last night’s episode, you can watch it by downloading the 7plus app or checking 7plus website.

See you next week and cannot wait for the next performers. Enjoy me and Mary Kiani bouncing for Oklahoma.

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This Friday I will be at Django performing for a sold out 80’s Funky: Pour It On Tribute! Catch you later.

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