All Together Now AU S01E04 Recap

A quick update on episode four of All Together Now Australia.

It was a bit tense to start the show but I think David started it okay. The important thing is he came out with confidence and gave everything to his performance, and that sort of attitude is what the show is all about.

Alexandra was adorable and filled with confidence. She missed a few of the high notes, but I think that was mostly from being overwhelmed from the 100 people in front of her.

Meanwhile, Robert, our young Ro! He really does look like a 12-year-old Ronan Keating (from afar). You can tell that he’s theatrically trained. I want his jacket, by the way. Robert if you are reading this, email me.

Mandy and Jeg, to be honest, I stood up because any choreography to Footloose is good exercise and I didn’t wanna miss a free dance rehearsal. I would also say, performing together for 30 years is pretty impressive!

Beks and Phil touched my soul. Their voices were beautiful and left me speechless.I was so grateful to them for sharing their talent. I had the same feeling for Liam when he performed his song. He was a powerhouse singer and very sweet onstage. Also, I loved his shirt too!

Jing Lei

Special mention to Jing. I’m proud of her and it’s such a big accomplishment for Channel 7 to showcase diversity in the music industry. This is what Australia needs to truly represent our multiculturalism. Unfortunately, I didn’t stand up when she first sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow as I was feeling critical about the song.

But when Jing performed a Chinese song, it brought me to tears. All 100 of us even shouted “revote!”, but in the end, our first vote stood. Still, I was happy she sang another song. She’s the only contestant to perform twice so far. Thank you, Jing, and more power to you.

In the end, Beks and Phil will move on to the grand finale for a run at the prize. And next week, someone gets all 100 of us to stand up. Who will it be? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Winners we have so far Lai from episode one, Royston from episode two, and Jessica from episode three.

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